Saving the World one TED Talk at a Time

I watched these two TED Talks earlier this year and figured they’d be appropriate to bring up in the blog.  They are less than 10 minutes each, enjoy. 

Video #1 is about this guy who invented a technology that uses fungi to transorm agricultural waste into strong composite materials.  His example is on using fungi to make packaging material instead of using styrofoam.  It is estimated that styrofoam takes up 25% of the world’s landfills while this technology would be completely compostable, very cool, check it out.

Video #2 is an absolutely FRIGHTENING talk.  Basically there is a massive island of garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  It is roughly the size of Texas.  Trash from all over the world is carried here by the ocean’s currents and while you can’t walk on it like a real island, it is a definable mass of garbage that can be seen from space.  Not hard to imagine where in the U.S. we consume 2 million plastic bottles every 5 minutes and an infinitesimally small number of people actually recycle them.  This video shocked me and I hope it shocks you too.  “Only we humans make products nature can’t digest.”

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