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My name is Mike and I am a young 20-something who was born and raised in small-town Maine and then educated in big-city Boston.  These days I have a hard time coming to terms with what it means to be a young urban professional (yuppie) since lately I find myself fitting the characteristics.  Often it is used in a negative way to describe an upwardly mobile American in their mid-late 20′s and early 30′s who earns above average pay and who enjoys “sophisticated” urban life and thought.  Unfortunately, complacency often accompanies the abundance and luxuries that I have been enjoying. I have every comfort a man in his 20′s could want; a good job, a nice apartment in a good area of town, a cool girlfriend, a beer mug at a local bar downtown, a smart phone, an iPod touch, a laptop, cable tv/high speed internet, more sporting equipment in my apartment than one person could handle, and the list goes on.  Despite all of these great things in my life, I still feel unfulfilled and largely unchallenged in my day-to-day life as a new yuppie, a description that still doesn’t seem to sit comfortably with me.


This blog is partly about me bridging the gap between farm-boy (past) and city-slicker (present) but it is also partly about challenging myself on a daily basis; socially, mentally, and physically.  I will be engaging in a series of self-selected, 30-day life experiments designed to challenge the status quo that comes with the yuppie territory. In the end it is my hope that these 30-day life experiments will help to redefine what it means for me to be young and successful in an urban environment.  Welcome to the life of the Young Urban Unprofessional.

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great site, Mike. I enjoyed reading your 30-day life experiments. I found your site while searching to see if anyone else had tried the “different exercise each day for xx days.” Your list of exercises has helped me out. I’m doing something similar… I call it my 50/50 challenge. I pick two things and do them daily for 50 days. My first challenge was running each day for a minimum of 40 minutes and then eating (primarily) fruits & vegetables.. no meat but also no alcohol, no fast food, no processed snack foods, no desserts etc… I just finished it and was looking for ideas for my next one and your site gave me some great ideas. Thanks again. Best wishes for the holidays and take care. – Andy F.

    • Hey Andy, I’m glad you like my project! Are your 50:50 challenges limited to exercise and health or are you targeting other aspects of your life as well? What else have you tried/plan to try? I like the idea of short (but not too short) and focused timeframes for a certain behavior change (mental, phsyical, social), so far it has seemed to work for me. I’ve found that from each experiment, habits have crept their way into my daily life and made themselves permanent. Good luck! Do you have a blog/twitter where I can follow your progress?

      • Mike – thanks. For the moment, I’ve just been creating notes in Facebook – no blogs yet but that’s a good idea.

        I’ve done bits and pieces of these challenges/experiments in the past, but the 50/50 I described was the first of what I hope will be many that I see through to the end. My original idea was to partner a physical challenge with a mental one but in the end, I’m not sure it matters. Like you, my goal is to make improvements in my life and I expect bits and pieces of each will stick & hopefully become permanent.

        I’m taking a week off for the holiday and then I’ll start round two. I’m pretty sure it’ll be 1) 50 different exercises in 50 days and 2) writing in a journal each day for 50 days.

        Other ideas for the future include:

        * Practice guitar for 30 minutes daily for 50 days
        * Talk to new people/make a connection – different person each day for 50 days
        * Give stuff away – something of mine each day for 50 days
        * Give a gift to someone each day for 50 days
        * Read for 30 minutes each night before bed
        * Do one random act of kindness each day for 50 days
        * Meditate each day for 50 days
        * Do something each day for 50 days that benefits my kids (I have 3)
        * Explore new opportunities at work & new ways to improve my present occupation
        * Spend time each day drawing in my drawing pad
        * Call a different person (friend, family, etc) each day and have a genuine, positive conversation.
        * Try a different food Ive never tried each day for 50 days.

        As you can see, we had some similar ideas. I did steal your idea for giving stuff away / getting rid of stuff. Thanks for that! ; )

        What was the hardest one for you so far? Any that you’ve thought of but have decided they’d be too difficult?

        Take care Mike and happy Thanksgiving.

        - Andy

        • This ideas are awesome, you should definitely set up a wordpress blog and a twitter account so others can follow your progress! If you need any tips just send me an email at theyoungurbanunprofessional@gmail.com

          I’ve thought about being vegan, increasing my flexibility, learning a language, among many other lifestyle experiments. My hardest challenge was to get 8 hours of sleep per night. I’m an extroverted go-getter so it’s really hard for me to wind down and go to sleep early when there are so many cool/fun things I could be doing instead.

          Good luck with all your challenges, I look forward to following them :)